Reflections for Easter (Free shipping)

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I'm starting something new.

I want to prepare my mind and heart for Easter.

There aren't many options other than reading books, or giving something up.

So I've created Reflections for Easter to remind me of God's life giving love.

While I made this for me, I want it to be a gentle witness around the home (or wherever it is displayed).

There's a new display card to show every few days starting Ash Wednesday and continuing through to Easter Sunday. 

It has everything you need.

Everything you need for the lead up to Easter including:

  • 16 beautifully hand designed A6 display cards
  • A sustainably sourced Beech wood display block
  • A printed booklet of short reflections elegantly written by Laurel Moffatt to ponder the meaning of each verse.
  • A sturdy box to keep it safe for years to come.
Plus support for those little ones in your life:
  • A downloadable set of reflections for kids. 

Preorder for Easter 2020 (Ships in February)

It always feels like the hot cross buns and Easter eggs are in the shops the day after Christmas, so why am I doing this now?

Good question! Well there's two reasons:

  1. I need to know if you want it, it's a mammoth project for one little person (me) and I need all the time I can get to organise everything for you.

  2. Not only that, but Ash Wednesday is February 26th (shocked emoji), and there's loads to do before then.